Business Analysis & Consulting

  • Researching Your Target Audience.
  • Evaluating your current online presence.
  • Doing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of your business.
  • Tracking Business Growth and Industry Changes.

Brand Strategy

  • Researching Competitors and Industry Analysis
  • Defining a Brand Identity That fits your business
  • Generate a Brand Loyalty with Your Content and messaging.

Information layout Architecture & User Experience

  • Defining Your Business User behavior.
  • Designing a Wireframe for Your Business.
  • Simplifying the Navigation Experience for Your Visitors.
  • Structuring Your Content.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

  • Building Content with a Focus on Branding.
  • Identifying and Mapping to the Target Audience.
  • Writing for Different Channels (Social media, Blogs, Content Masters …).
  • SEO-friendly and Valuable Content.
  • Optimized Copies for the Most Effective Landing Pages to get users to convert.


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